Whats the difference between a flexible hose and flexible ducting?

Whats the difference between a flexible hose and flexible ducting?

The difference between hose and ducting comes down to wall thickness, size, and the type of media you move through them. Hoses are primarily used for liquids and require considerable pressure to move. Due to the smaller diameter of the hoses, they can handle more pressure. Ducting transports gases, fumes, and small particles, the biggest size diameter of ducting could be up to 1500mm.

When you have to choose a hose or ducting, you should consider the size, temperature, application, material, pressure, finish, and delivery of media.

The bend radius is the minimum distance a hose or ducting can bend without permanent damage. It can measure the inner radius (the radius from which the hose is bent to its innermost surface) or the centerline radius (the radius to the centerline of the hose or ducting). 

Hoses or ducting lifespan depends on a number of factors, including: 

corrosion and wear

repetitive motion


exposure to UV light

Exposure to pollutants and particles


Routine maintenance/cleaning

So it is important to choose a hose or ducting that meets the requirements of your application environment, you can ensure that the hose will last longer. And we could make different colors of hoses or ducting, it depends on your requirements. 

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