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Name:Rubber Duct
Hose materials:EPDM coated fabric
Helix:Special platic
Features:Highly flexible and compressible
Features:Good resistance to chemicals
Features:Small bending radius
Features:Vibration resistant
Features:Smooth interior
Features:Reinforced fabric
Temperature range:–40℃ to +150℃ (short time to 180 degree)
Standard length:10 meters
Applications:Vehicle engine exhaust gas,hose reel,slotted floor channels,above and below floor suction extraction

Product Description

Ecoosi flexible duct hose - EPDM Rubber Duct Hose is a fume exhaust duct hose that is ideal for suction of engine exhaust fume, for high temperature air, smoke or fume transmission, suction and extraction air, dust above and below floor. Transmission of small solids, granulates, oil, fuel, etc. Our high temperature EPDM fume exhaust hose is made from EPDM coated fabric with special plastic helix. 

This EPDM rubber duct hose is extremely vibration resistant, crush-proof, highly flexible and compressible, fabric reinforced, good resistance to chemicals, small bending radius, gas and liquid tight, flame-retardant.

Ecoosi's EPDM exhaust gas hose comes in a standard length of 10 meters. Internal diameter sizes for this flexible high temperature duct hose range from 51 mm to 305 mm. Color available in black, yellow, red and blue.

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