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Name:PVC Ducting
Hose materials:Soft polyvinyl chloride(PVC)
Helix:PVC coated steel wire
Features:Good compressibility
Features:Good chemical and moisture resistance
Features:Great flexibility with tight bending characteristics
Features:Excellent choice for ventilation applications, dust & fume removal
Features:Low pressure drop off compared to similar ducts
Features:Tolerance to sunlight
Features:Comparatively smooth inner walls .enabling to transit of small and powder materials
Temperature range:–20℃ to +70℃
Standard length:10 meters
Applications:Agricultural, Air Duct Cleaning, Chemical Fumes, Clean Rooms, Duct Cleaning, Flight Simulators, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Pet Grooming Equipment, Pollution Control, Printing,.

Product Description

PVC Clear Duct Hose

Ecoosi flexible duct hose - PVC Ducting hose is a clear PVC wall duct hose reinforced with a PVC coated spring steel wire helix for industrial air movement and fume control applications. This flex PVC duct hose provides great flexibility with tight bending characteristics and offers good chemical and moisture resistance. Ecoosi clear PVC duct hose is great for applications where ventilation and flexibility are a must.

PVC flex duct hose material is an amorphous polymer and as a result, it's basically transparent. PVC air duct hose material is non-transparent when they are manufactured using compounding agents. Since the main chain of the polymer is made by single bonds of carbon atoms, the PVC duct hose has excellent chemical resistance. 

This PVC clear hose has polar groups (chlorine), and is amorphous, therefore mixing well with various other substances. Its makes for a chemically stable flex duct hose. This flexible PVC ventilation duct hose exhibits excellent flexibility and is compressible.

Ecoosi's PVC Ducting hose is a general-purpose collections duct hose that is available in internal diameter sizes from 25 mm up to 305 mm ID. This PVC flex hose's standard length is 10 meters. Ecoosi's PVC Ducting duct hose has a working temperature range from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius. 

Ecoosi flex PVC ducting hoses are manufactured for ventilation applications. It is ideal for air conditioning and ventilation technology, powdery solids such as dust, powder, and fiber, gaseous media such as vapor and smoke.

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