Why Ecoosi silicone air ducting hose is ideal used for industrial plants and exhaust equipment?

Why Ecoosi silicone air ducting hose is ideal used for industrial plants and exhaust equipment?

Ecoosi double-layer flexible high-temperature silicone 2 Ply air duct hose with flame retardant properties, and meet the flame retardant DIN4102-B1 standard, with wear protection, anti-acid and alkali, extremely good of the chemical resistance, acid dust is strong exhaust ventilation duct hose, bending radius is about equal to the diameter.

Ecoosi 2 Ply flex hot air silicone ducting hose is easy to carry, resistant to oleic acid and flame retardant; any bending, splicing free, compact, can be easily fixed exhaust duct hose, product bending, splicing free, compact, easy to carry, Acid and flame retardant, insulation. Resistant, anti-static, small wind resistance, compressive strength, and other advantages, cost-effective high.

Ecoosi heat resistant silicone 2 Ply air ducting hose is 450 ° high-temperature vulcanization curing molding, in the middle by adding special insulation fiber, internal and external coated high-temperature plastic, elastic steel wire wrapped in the middle of the appearance of white fiber-reinforced, temperature range of about -70 ° to 310 °, instantly can reach 350 °, bending wall will not be concave, will not produce any deformation, extraction, and transportation of good.

Ecoosi flexible silicone 2 Ply air ducting hose used in the guidance of hot air and cold air for the plastics industry, granular drying, dust and extraction plant, heating exhaust, blast furnace discharge, and the discharge of gas for exhaust gas equipment, engine structure, heat engine, aircraft equipment and military equipment, brake cooling systems.

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