What is fiberglass hose?

What is fiberglass hose?

Glass fiber is a lightweight, high-strength material, reinforced by fine glass fibers. When working in light air and smoke applications, silicone flexible fiberglass high temp ducting hose is a fantastic lightweight alternative to metal hoses solutions.

Ecoosi's fiberglass flexible high temp silicone ducting hose is used for hot air and smoke applications. This silicone-coated fiberglass duct hose with high flexibility, excellent mold release performance, wide operating temperature range. Glass fibers may be flattened like sheets, similar to woven fabrics, or randomly arranged in a surrounding matrix to provide strength and reliability.         

Silicone-coated glass fiber hoses are known. In addition to flexible ducting hose systems, glass fibers are used in a surprising range of applications including but not limited to surfboards, airplanes, hot water basins, and even septic tanks.

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