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Name:Suction Hose
Hose materials:Top grade of PVC or PU
Helix:Rigid PVC
Features:Cost-effective smooth interior hose.
Features:Completely smooth interior maximizes prevents clogs and maximizes airflow.
Features:Excellent flexibility and crush resistant.
Features:External helix acts as wearstrip, protecting the outside of the hose.
Features:Extremely tearing resistance
Features:High tensile strength
Features:Different colors are available
Temperature range:PVC wall:–20℃ to +70℃ (short time to 80℃) PU wall: –40℃ to +90℃ (short time to 125℃)
Standard length:20 meters
Applications:Agricultural, Air Duct Cleaning, Chemical Fumes, Clean Rooms, Duct Cleaning, Flight Simulators, Furnace Duct Cleaning , Pollution Control, Textile Mills, Welding

Product Description

Ecoosi flexible industrial hose - Suction Hose material handling hose is a duct hose that is made up of polyurethane. As a great hose for dust collection and other material handling applications, it features a smooth interior that maximizes the level of flow in the tube. And it is a very abrasion resistant hose thanks to its polyurethane makeup and its external wear-strip. Overall, this flexible suction hose is a great choice for your dust and material handling needs.

Consider carefully the advantages of having a smooth interior on a flexible suction hose for material handling. The smooth interior area means that the hose does not have any uneven ridges or corrugations. Such uneven surfaces can invite finer materials to get caught inside and clog up the flex suction hose. Its can be a great problem that will hinder the efficient functioning of your applications. Particles will not get caught or form clogs on smooth interior surfaces of this hose due to its smooth bore. Inside, the material handling hose will benefit greatly from a superior and efficient level of airflow.

This flexible suction hose is ideal for dust collection is available to you in different size options. It is offered in standard lengths of 20 meters. You can choose from a selection of ID sizes ranging between 51 mm to 203 mm ID.

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